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Tim Duy Tries to Understand Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher

Readings for September 30 Class of Economics 24-1: Understanding the Lesser Depression


Since we did not (in my mind, at least) spend enough time on Gorton and Cecchetti last class, I want to repeat those two readings:

  • Gary Gorton (2010), "Questions and Answers About the Financial Crisis"

  • Stephen G. Cecchetti (2009). "Crisis and Responses: The Federal Reserve in the Early Stages of the Financial Crisis." Journal of Economic Perspectives, 23(1): 51–75.

And add, as well:


  • Vincent Reinhart (2011). "A Year of Living Dangerously: The Management of the Financial Crisis in 2008." Journal of Economic Perspectives, 25(1): 71–90.

  • Gary Gorton and Andrew Metrick (2010), "Regulating the Shadow Banking System"