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Will somebody please leave this poor woman alone | FP Passport

Blake Hounshell:

Will somebody please leave this poor woman alone?: Granted, there are only so many ways photographers can show a stock market in decline. Still, couldn't the folks at Getty Images leave this poor German trader alone and find someone else to use as a stand-in for an entire continent's economic fears?

Here she is earlier today…. Here she was on Sept. 30…. Here she was looking cautiously optimistic on Sept. 19…. And here she was pursing her lips disapprovingly on a particularly grim Sept. 16, in a photo that made the front page of the Financial Times. I bet she wishes she can go back to the days of Sept. 15, when she could do her job in relative obscurity:

UPDATE: The woman's name is Simone Wallmeyer. The Independent interviewed her Friday. "I'm afraid I get photographed because of the board rather than me," she told the paper. (Thanks to a sharp-eyed Passport reader for the name.)