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Ten Years After 9/11: Is It Time to Get Rid of the Deprtment of Homeland Security?

Tom Nichols:

Homeland Security: Another bad 9/11 idea: It’s not a jeremiad against the people of DHS, it’s the whole idea of fixing an inefficient bureaucracy by hammering down three more layers of bureaucracy on it. And mission creep is out of control: Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano was in New England to examine flood damage from Tropical Storm Irene. Unless the floods were caused by terrorists, why would she be doing that?

One of my colleagues today said: “Well, sure, we should spin FEMA out of DHS.” But if you’re going to spin off the one agency that’s supposed to deal with terrorist disasters — and remember, FEMA was originally supposed to help reconstruct us after a nuclear war — then why not spin them all off?