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Ummm… Is Rich Lowry Really This Stupid?

Harold Pollack reports that talking to Tim Noah, Rich Lowry says:

[Warren Buffett] should give all his wealth away…. come move to Westchester County. Move to McLean, Virginia. Move to the suburbs of San Francisco with his wife. Adopt a couple of young kids, so he has a young family again. Make arrangements so that he only makes $250,000 every year. And then let's see how he likes being lumped in with millionaires and billionaires, as the President does.... And see how he feels about seeing his taxes increased, when he actually has to worry about expenses!


If you increase the marginal tax rate on incomes above $250,000 by five percentage point, then you would increase Warren Buffett's taxes in this scenario by… wait for it… wait for it… zero.

People I have surveyed so far have voted 12 for the proposition that Rich Lowry does not know how tax brackets work and 2 for the proposition that he does know but is trying to mislead and confuse his audience.

National Review: embarrassing thoughtful conservatives for 56 years…

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?