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Glenn Reynolds Says: African-Americans Like Herman Cain and Democrats Are the Real Racists Here

Matthew Yglesias watches the train wreck of ressentiment from Tennessee:

The Racial Resentment Checklist: As I said when initially discussing Rick Perry’s time vacationing at Niggerhead Ranch, the important context here is that there is no racism in America. Or if there is, it certainly has nothing to do with white people. And certainly not with conservative white people. Glenn Reynolds offers the resentment checklist…. Perry’s not a racist. But if Perry did do anything racist, it’s because he used to be a Democrat (heh). Yet the real victims here are white people, and once upon a time Herman Cain looked like he might be a hero to the white race. Now we see, though, that he’s just another black politician being all “racist racist racist racist” to get ahead just like the rest of them. The fact that actual African-Americans, including African-Americans with deranged right-wing views on non-racial issues, find Perry’s conduct problematic is immaterial to Reynolds’ assessment of the situation. After all, since white conservatives are the primary victims of racism in contemporary America, who better than Reynolds to put Cain back in his place and tell him how it is?

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America has no chance of being great again until this current Republican Party is gone, and its memory has vanished from the earth. Just saying.