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It Is Useless to Resist Twitter!

Charlie Stross, July 12, 2007:

Social networks you won't find me on: If you're looking to link to me on the internet, this blog is my main presence. And if you don't have my email address, you can nevertheless send me email via the link in the right hand column, captioned "talk to me". I grudgingly use Facebook, but only because they have a proprietary email system with 700 million users and no gateway to the rest of the internet.

I do not and will not use the following social networks:

  • MySpace (I am not a boy band)
  • Google+ (One massively intrusive privacy-ignoring social network is one too many)
  • LinkedIn (As much use as a chocolate manhole cover to a novelist)
  • Twitter (My thoughts are not generally compressible into 140 characters — so sorry!)…

Charlie Stross, October 17, 2011:

Twitter: If you want to follow me on titter or witter or whatever it's called, glom onto @cstross.

That is all.