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Newt Gingrich Calls for States to Have the Right to Establish Whites-Only Public Schools

America will not be a great country in the future unless the Republican Party as we know it quickly vanishes from the stage of history.

Newt Gingrich:

ThinkProgress: Imagine that, by a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court decided that 2+2=5. Under the current theory, which the Warren Court promulgated in 1958, the only effective recourse would be either a) to get a future Supreme Court to reverse them, or b) to pass a constitutional amendment declaring 2+2=4…. This is an absurdity, foisted on us in 1958 by an historic lie. There is no judicial supremacy, it does not exist in the American Constitution…

Ian Millhiser explains the dog whistle:

A white paper published on Gingrich’s campaign website names Cooper v. Aaron as the 1958 case Gingrich finds so very offensive. In Cooper, Arkansas’ governor and state legislature decreed that the state was not bound by Brown v. Board of Education… pledged to resist efforts to desegregate public schools… called out the Arkansas National Guard to keep African-Americans from entering Little Rock’s Central High School…. [W]en Gingrich lashes out against what he calls “judicial supremacy,” it is important understand exactly what he is saying. Newt believes that the governor of Arkansas was right, and the Supreme Court was wrong, about who had the last word in deciding whether African-American children can attend integrated schools…