Hoisted from Comments: Information Externalities from Visible Trades
MF Global Is Large Enough for Its (Largely Anticipated) Bankruptcy to Drop the Ten-Year Treasury Rate by 20 Basis Points!?

Quote of the Day: October 31, 2011

"In sum, there were many varieties of Progressivism and Progressives. They held in common, however, a conviction that society should be fair to its members (white native-born ones, anyway), and that governments had to represent “the people” and to regulate “the interests.” It went without saying that there was such a thing as “society.” The progressive “big four”—Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt, La Follette, and Wilson—and the many less visible Progressives for all their differences shared a belief in society, a common good, and social justice, and that society could be changed into a better place."

--Walter Nugent, "Progressivism: A Very Short Introduction"