When Joe Nocera Became an Op-Ed Columnist, a Remarkably Good Long-Form Reporter Became a Flaneur of Unsurpassed Ignorance
Quote of the Day: October 23, 2011

Twitterstorm delong October 22, 2011

  • RT @joshgreenman: Only shallow, stupid people who care nothing about real solutions will retweet this mistake. RT @newtgingrich: #

  • RT @jayrosen_nyu: It's called "harvesting." You admit your newspaper has no future. And you milk the remaining years of profit in print. ...

  • RT @BoingBoing: What a NATO airstrike looks like: Gaddafi's convoy reduced to scrap metal http://goo.gl/aMc5G

  • RT @pwire: Has anyone polled an Obama vs. lawn gnome match up for 2012? HTTP://pwire.at/qI7kaO

  • Time to Vote with My Feet Against Google: Back to NetNewsWire, or Forward to Something Else? http://bit.ly/mS7i35

  • RT @AmandaMarcotte: Things I learned in Lubbock: foxes are omnivores. They really like peaches. about 5 hours ago from web

  • RT @AndyHarless: Can Knut Wicksell beat up Chuck Norris?

  • RT @dangillmor: Climate change skeptic changes his mind, and deniers go ballistic. Surprised? I'm not, either.

  • John Holbo: Neoliberalism and OWS http://t.co/L1q4CYq8

  • RT @lhfang: Hah Washington Post bows to pressure from Koch's public relations team

  • RT @dsquareddigest: If the bank recap is to be mainly private sector it will take time. If the banks are given time, they will boost rat ...

  • RT @KD0IMH: @mattyglesias Hoenig was good at keeping lending standards high for banks in his region. DeLong praised him for such.

  • Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? Yet Another New Republic Edition http://bit.ly/pgiw9F

  • Peter Orszag Pleads for Policies to Move the Distribution of Income in a Favorable Direction http://bit.ly/nn9EmE about 2 hours ago from TypePad

  • Jürgen Michels, Guillaume Menuet and Michael Saunders: The European credit crunch is on the way http://t.co/y6XbxXsX

  • RT @EmanuelDerman: Nobody seems to comment on the fact that if not for US UK French air attacks on convoy, Gaddafi would be safe in Niger.

  • RT @INETeconomics: NYC taxi medallions cost $1 million. They are getting expensive because they are licenses to print money - Felix Salm ...

  • RT @CatFoodBreath: I am a cat that has to choose between napping and sleeping every day. I am the 99 percent. Occupy the Couch.

  • RT @dangillmor: NPR's fear of its shadow is growing http://bit.ly/qRlKdu

  • Robert Waldmann: Questions About Nominal GDP Targeting http://bit.ly/mUpxFb