For a More Aggressive Cleanup of Housing Finance
Paul Krugman in February 2009 on the Inadequacy of Stimulative Policy

Twitterstorm delong: October 23, 2011

  • RT @mattyglesias: @drfarls Even in retrospect the case for Clinton's inevitability is rock solid. We're living in an unlikely mirror universe

  • RT @jbarro: Also: by keeping the UK out of the Eurozone, Gordon Brown probably did more for Britain's prosperity than anyone else alive.

  • Wolfgang Munchau: Europe is now leveraging for a catastrophe -

  • RT @interfluidity: "Leverage can have different economic functions, but [here] it simply disguises a lack of money." HTTP://

  • @mattyglesias @RyanBleek Senator James Reed (D-MO). Key Senate Banking Ctte member in 1913...

  • RT @mattyglesias: I think labor's declining share of compensation is mostly a macroeconomic management failure:

  • RT @mattyglesias: Policy point about Rubio is his parents were standard economic migrants, not political refugees. Very relevant to immi ...

  • @zachdcarter Indeed. But "Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones" gives it a very good run for it money...

  • RT @dsquareddigest: Since it is economically impossible to enforce US immigration policy (fruit would rot in the fields), isnt that a cl ...

  • RT @EricBoehlert: Those crickets you hear is RW media (not) responding to Rick Perry's gruesome birther turn today;

  • RT @thinkprogress: Cain: If a pro-life constitutional amdt "comes to my desk I’ll sign it." Problem: Prez doesnt sign constitutional amd ... about 4 hours ago from web

  • Hoisted from Comments: Bork, Bork, Bork Edition

  • James A. Reed (D-MO)

  • @JustinWolfers Does TNR have a similar list of most over-rated pseudo-magazines?

  • RT @rortybomb: "[United States] ending up like Greece is essentially impossible." rt @ModeledBehavior Greg Mankiw on Fiscal Policy

  • RT @JustinWolfers: Greg Mankiw's false equivalence: For the US, P(Japan-style lost decade)=25%. P(Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation)=0.0001% ...

  • RT @TheStalwart: Krugman is correct: "It really has to be the ECB, for this to have any chance of working."

  • @PatrickOsgood Indeed, as @jbarro says, Britain owes more than it can repay to Gordon Brown and Mervyn King for keeping it out of the euro

  • Daniel Kahnemann: The Hazards of Confidence

  • Lawrence Summers: For a More Aggressive Cleanup of Housing Finance