Econ 24-1: Freshman Seminar: Understanding the Lesser Depression: Readings for October 28, 2011
Winston Churchill Lliveblogs World War II: October 29, 1941

Twitterstorm delong: October 28, 2011

*RealTime Economic Issues Watch | How Much Refinancing?

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  • RT @daveweigel: Ralph Nader's campaign to primary Obama sputters; won't have a candidate for NH, deadline in 78 minutes.

  • RT @nickconfessore: RT @greenhousenyt: Survey: 68% of millionaires back tax hikes for those w/ >$1 million in income

  • Gagnon’s $2 trillion plan for Fed MBS buys | MacroScope

  • Women win equal right to British throne

  • Mark Hosenball: Dealings with Gaddafi son embarrass LSE

  • RT @TPM: Report: Bank of America scaling back debit card fees

  • RT @libsechumanist: @EricBoehlert And imagine how the recovery would be going if the #GOP actually WANTED a good economy.

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