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Yet Another Note on Benefits of Nominal GDP Targeting

Twitterstorm delong: October 31, 2011

  • RT @afrakt: Gruber: "Mitt Romney is the single person most responsible for health care reform in this country" - http://goo.gl/LLCoE

  • @AndyHarless @interfluidity Jon Corzine thought he had non-nested private information from his personal conversations with Mario Draghi...

  • Yet More Halloween Blogging: "I Find Your Lack of Faith… Disturbing…" Edition: RT @TimHarford: Best pumpkin-carving ever. RT @jamescrabtree: The destruction of Alderaan, with pumpkins. http://bit.ly/o3851a

  • RT @dceiver: So, you woke up this morning and thought, "I'm in Canada. Let's see...GOT IT: gonna steal a tractor-trailer. Yep. This'll w ...

  • Rachel Zimmermann: "A Sneak Peek at Jon Gruber's ‘Health Reform: The Comic Book’" http://t.co/w014LgDi

  • RT @felixsalmon: .@timharford with a great column on Malthus’s ghost as the world hits Population 7B http://bit.ly/sRItlz

  • RT @Eris: When you think about it, the Bat Signal was probably the first cloud-based push notification.

  • RT @hillhealthwatch: CBO confirms CLASS repeal wouldn't affect deficit http://bit.ly/uDevBg

  • RT @caleb_crain: At @parisreview, I consider "In Time," a new sci-fi film starring Justin Timberlake as the Labor Theory of Value

  • RT @hblodget: In other words, terrible idiotic bets RT @crampell: MF Global: Good Bets, Bad Timing?: http://nyti.ms/scHPvl

  • RT @starkehealth: New health #data shows Massachusetts most insured state, Texas least http://j.mp/tJmRwZ #uninsured via @governing

  • Mike Konczal: The Beveridge Curve http://t.co/iO19JznZ