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Quote of the Day: October 9, 2011

Twitterstorm delong: October 8, 2011

  • RT @Ihnatko: I never realized that the text in the TextEdit icon is the "Crazy Ones" speech. (Thanks, @toddwichmann)

  • What Keynes Said

  • IS-LM Watch: In the Country of the One-Eyed, the Self-Blinded Man Is in Bad Shape, or Something Department

  • Romney Condemns Bryan Fischer’s Hate Speech At Values Voter Summit | ThinkProgress

  • RT @dsquareddigest: If you were a one-eyed man, would you rather be king of a nightmarish state or collect reasonable incapacity benefit ...

  • RT @vpostrel: Playmobil Security Check Point

  • IS-LM Watch: Three Ways of Looking at a (Closed-Economy) IS Curve: Karl Smith Raises My intelligence Department

  • RT @ezraklein: "Everything follows from missing the call on Reinhart-Rogoff," says Peter Orszag. #longread

  • RT @drgrist: Hey @NYTimes: would it have killed you to acknowledge the bloggers & activists who first broke this story?

  • @ggreenwald I was called an "Iron Butterfly Drum Circle Keynesian"...

  • RT @mattyglesias: When has this failure to inflate despite intention ever happened? Unwillingness to try is a terrible reason for all th ...

  • RT @mattyglesias: Summers' view that a central bank could try and fail to boost NGDP strikes me as theoretically bizarre and contradicte ...