Ezra Klein: "Shrinking the Presidency Back Down to Size": Obama 2009-10: B+
Time to Spread Foam on the Runway: The Federal Reserve Needs to Act Now to Firewall Off the Eurocrisis

Ezra Klein: "Shrinking the President Down to Size": Obama 2010-2011: C-

I concur. Much worse performance than in 2009-10.


Shrinking the presidency back down to size: Since the 2010 election, however, they have made one mistake after another. They whiffed on the 2011 budget and let the State of the Union pass without saying anything of substance. The Simpson-Bowles report was a huge opportunity to, at the least, firmly set the terms of the budget debate…. They permitted and even abetted the unwise focus on medium-term deficit reduction and, until the recent introduction of the American Jobs Act, were disastrously passive in the face of the unemployment crisis. The debt-ceiling debate was a catastrophe… they should have insisted on including it in the 2010 tax deal…