Yet Another New York Times Fail: Ross Douthat Department

For-Profit Universities and Standardized Testing: Demonic Instrumentalities of Satan or Just Totally Sucky?

Matthew Yglesias writes:

Important Programming Announcement: "I’ve been offered, and have accepted, an exciting new job opportunity with Slate where I’ll be blogging and column-writing (columnizing?) about economics, business, and economic policy as the latest incarnation of Moneybox…. The blog will continue as is through Friday, Nov. 18, which will be my last day with ThinkProgress, and then on Monday the 21st, I’ll be working at Slate…

One of the true and important points that Matt periodically makes is that America gets extremely low value for the money it spends--in student fees and government subsidies--on private for-profit testing operations and universities like Stanley Kaplan. Starting on Monday the 21st, that will be the source of a portion of his salary. It will be interesting to see whether we see a rise or a fall in the frequency of Yglesias weblog posts headlined: "For-Profit Universities and Standardized Testing: Demonic Instrumentality of Satan or Just Totally Sucky?"

I've bet a not completely insignificant sum of money on the "over"...