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Why Oh Why Can't We Have a Better Press Corps? Yes, It Is Yet Another Washington Post Edition

Insane Clown Journalist Watch: I Liked This Wired Story When Spencer Ackerman Reported It a Week Ago

Spencer Ackerman, October 27, 2011:

FBI’s Newest Gang Threat: Insane Clown Posse Fans.

The Los Angeles Times likes it too:

Bloods, Crips, Juggalos? FBI: Insane Clown Posse fans are gang: November 2, 2011 |  4:28 pm

So does Larry McShane of the New York Daily News:

FBI report: Insane Clown Posse fans comprised of face-painting gangsters, not groupies: Wednesday, November 2 2011, 1:48 PM

As does Sean Michaels of the Guardian:

Juggalos classified as a gang in FBI report Tuesday 1 November 2011 07.38 EDT.

None of these three stories make any reference at all to Wired, or to Spencer Ackerman, who did the work of assembling the story.

This lack of acknowledgement that you got the idea to write this story and your knowledge of where the fact trail is from somebody else--this is distressingly common in modern American journalism, and seems to me to approach some kind of mental disorder.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?