Another Sign of Not-so-Incipient Insanity...
Robert Skidelsky: "The Wages of Economic Ignorance"

Quote of the Day: November 22, 2011

"The reason you can do these things is that, essentially, you are a prediction machine, and you effortlessly and correctly predict almost every event that is about to occur in your life. Magicians understand at a deeply intuitive level that you alone create your experience of reality, and, like JOhnny, the exploit the fact that your brain does a staggering amount of outright confabulation in order to construct the mental simulation of reality known a "consciousness". This is not to say that objective reality isn't "out there"…. But all you get to experience is a simulation. The fact that consciousness feels like a solid, robust, fact rich transcription of reality is just one of the illusions your brain creates for itself…. The same neural machinery that interprets actual sensory inputs is also responsible for your dreams, delusions, and failings of memory. The real and the imagined share a physical source in your brain…"

--Stephen L. Macknik et al.: Sleights of Mind