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Eleanor Roosevelt Liveblogs World War II: November 13, 1941

Twitterstorm delong: November 12, 2011

  • DemocratMachine DemocratMachine Our machine is responsible for Michele Bachmann not getting more questions. We're also responsible for her sounding crazy. #p2 Retweeted by delong

  • RyanLizza Ryan Lizza Good time to remind ppl one of Bachmann's fav authors wrote book on how the Beatles were part of communist conspiracy to indoctrinate kids. Retweeted by delong

  • Bremmer and Roubini: "Europe, China, U.S.: Whose Economy Has It Worst?"

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Let us imagine for a moment that liberals mandate that every American swear eternal fealty to Marduk #mcwhorterledes #tnr 2 minutes ago

  • Pogue David Pogue RT @dbfish: On this site, you can check all of the online movie services for stream or rent at once: Retweeted by delong

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong @ @TPM Rick Perry: I'll defend waterboarding "until I die" // or until he gets waterboarfed

  • kdrum Kevin Drum RT @dandrezner: Europe not mentioned once tonight. RT @davidfrum How can you talk about international economics w/o mention of euro crisis? Retweeted by delong

  • theprospect The Prospect RT @gabrielarana: GOP mantra: We need to take away public workers' rights because private workers don't have them. #gopdebate #theprospect Retweeted by delong

  • brianbeutler Brian Beutler Thomas Friedman is upset with POTUS for not putting forward a stimulus-now, deficit-reduction later plan, which of course he did. Retweeted by delong

  • thinkprogress ThinkProgress GOP audience at tonight's debate cheers waterboarding. Retweeted by delong

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Let us imagine for a moment that liberals mandate that every American kill and stuff a California condor #mcwhorterledes #tnr

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong RT @Pogue Thought I'd watch "Minority Report" with my teen--NO streaming service…. What's Hollywood's problem!? // Could Pirate Bay help?

  • hblodget Henry Blodget .@ComfortablySmug I supported "Swedish solution" for banks: Seize, write down crap loans, re-capitalize, re-float. No bailouts, no Lehmans Retweeted by delong

  • lhfang Lee Fang Obama likes Geithner b/c he breaks "the tension with a little sarcasm, a lot of profanity and his high-pitched giggle" Retweeted by delong

  • dangillmor Dan Gillmor come on, Poynter. I recall @Romenesko citing my words without quote marks. I never considered it improper in any way. Retweeted by delong

  • ayeletw Ayelet Waldman Wow. I had not truly understood the profound stupidity of the average Daily Beast comment thread before now. Retweeted by delong

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Mark Madden (April 3, 2011): Sandusky a State Secret

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong "How Long Do You Expect A Grand Budget Bargain to Last?" Blogging

  • danielpunkass Daniel Jalkut @ @anildash @marcprecipice @jkottke Twitter connects complete strangers with less privacy surrender than Facebook demands to connect siblings. Retweeted by delong

  • Annie Lowry: "European Turmoil Could Slow U.S. Recovery"

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Johan Carlstrom: "Sweden Prime Minister Proving Tough Love of Banks a World Model"

  • Dave Schuler: "Mitigating the Risk"

  • Matthew Yglesias sends us to Karl Smith's sympathetic account of Geithnerism:

  • lhfang Lee Fang On Veterans Day, TN State Rep Calls For Purging Muslims From The Military #spendingmyholidayatabigotryconf Retweeted by delong

  • Mark Thomas sends us to Eric Rauchway channelling Harry Dexter White on the Obama Administration

  • Janet Yellen: "Pursuing Financial Stability at the Federal Reserve"

  • mark_dow Mark Dow Most complete, best nuanced on Italy so far. Captures discontinuity of bond demand and growth hurdle (by @greg_ip) Retweeted by delong

  • drgrist David Roberts Climate denialism: It’s an Anglo-Saxon thing Retweeted by delong

  • AriBerman Ari Berman Someone has probably already noted this, but the 'activity' tab on Twitter is really creepy Retweeted by delong

  • jayrosen_nyu Jay Rosen In @Romenesko's debt. Without him, I wouldn't be a dangerously wrong-headed guru and @jackshafer wouldn't make a show of not reading me. :-) Retweeted by delong