Another Note on Von Mises's (and Ron Paul's) Monetary Mental Disorder
Matthew Yglesias Defends Tim Geithner

Twitterstorm delong: November 13, 2011

  • MarkThoma Mark Thoma The Folly of the Flat Tax - Alan Blinder Retweeted by delong

  • dmarron Donald Marron That too! @jbarro: @dmarron for me, "favorited" generally means "I hit the favorite button by accident."” Retweeted by delong

  • AriBerman Ari Berman When he ran against Kennedy in '94, Romney claimed Bain created 10,000 jobs. After scrutiny, doesn't say that anymore Retweeted by delong

  • radleybalko radleybalko Hilarious. RT @notjessewalker Self-parody watch: read the summaries of the regular columnists' articles. Retweeted by delong

  • EricBoehlert Eric Boehlert technically he's right. It worship the rich ;RT @HuffPostPol RNC chair: "Of course the party doesn’t favor the rich" Retweeted by delong

  • dsquareddigest Dan Davies Surely the lesson of the Greek & Italian crises is that the one thing you must not do is allow a culture of tax noncompliance to develop Retweeted by delong

  • PatrickOsgood Patrick Osgood Why doesn't the ECB try, um, I dunno, being a central bank? Retweeted by delong

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong "@stevebenen: What's worse: GOPers' support for torture or that the debate audience applauded the position?" // both 11 hours ago

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Let us imagine, just for a moment, liberals pass a law mandating all Americans spend one hour a week in a drum circle. #tnr #mcwhorterledes

  • PatrickOsgood Patrick Osgood Why doesn't Fed start hoovering up Euro-debts in banks, and say it is doing so? 15 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • RichardEvans36 Richard Evans Niall Ferguson says he enjoys provoking the Left. Why is he so thin-skinned when the boot's on the other foot? Retweeted by delong

  • pdacosta Pedro da Costa MT @neilbarofsky The notion that TARP and other bailouts were profitable for taxpayers is just not true h/t @fbonacci Retweeted by delong

  • TFLane Thomas Lane Bachmann's inconsistencies - a three parter... 1) China is communist and evil, but we should learn to be less socialist just like them! 22 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • TFLane Thomas Lane Bachmann's inconsistencies pt2: Tax is un-American and crushing us, but poor people should pay more of it because it's more moral that way Retweeted by delong

  • TFLane Thomas Lane Bachmann's inconsistencies pt3: Johnson's Great Society is leading us to destruction, but evil Obama will destroy its cornerstone: medicare Retweeted by delong

  • DemocratMachine DemocratMachine Our machine is responsible for Michele Bachmann not getting more questions. We're also responsible for her sounding crazy. #p2 Retweeted by delong

  • Bremmer and Roubini: "Europe, China, U.S.: Whose Economy Has It Worst?"

  • brianbeutler Brian Beutler Thomas Friedman is upset with POTUS for not putting forward a stimulus-now, deficit-reduction later plan, which of course he did. Retweeted by delong