Econ 24-1: The European Financial Crisis: Readings for November 18, 2011

Twitterstorm delong: November 18, 2011

  • SteveMcBarks SteveMcBarks @ Big Shovel is at it again RT @delong: "Deutsche: If Merkel Doesn't Budge, 'Our Investment Advice Is To Dig A Hole In The Ground And Hide'" 7 hours ago

  • GMRobertson GMRobertson @ @delong Economist is doing a very poor job of late of putting this into any historical context - purely technical 8 hours ago

  • bjkeefe bjkeefe @ @delong In fairness, 98% of them like nothing finer than saying "I can't even balance my checkbook! LOL!" #innumeracy 20 hours ago

  • rootless_e rootless .@delong You ask a good question: why wasn't PPIP expanded? But maybe answer is that Paul Krugman launched a really confused attack on it 22 hours ago

  • traderscrucible TradersCrucible @ @delong Anyone who supports free banking after MF Global simply isn't paying attention to the real world.

  • emptywheel emptywheel Congress and the Administration Agree: the Government Can Indefinitely Detain US Citizens 3 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • jkbloodtreasure jamie k Great Patriotic War Nerds: amazing photosets from occupation of Minsk here and here #comeandsee 2 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • @DemocratMachine: #Libya was partitioned. It will be split between the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and the Democrat Machine #CainForeignPolicyFacts" 2 hours ago

  • ThePlumLineGS Greg Sargent Smart points from @jbplainblog about what it means that Dems hung tough and defeated BBA today: 3 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • grossdm Daniel Gross fiscal clown show getting even more fiscal clown showier 3 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • brookejarvis Brooke Jarvis "When you say, 'get a job,' you're really saying, 'I have no idea what America is like right now.'" 8 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • jayrosen_nyu Jay Rosen The e-mail rumor mill circulating politically salient untruths is largely a conservative phenomenon. Why is this? 8 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • EricBoehlert Eric Boehlert hay-o!! RT @TPM Talking Barney Frank: "I thought the Gingrich Group was his wives" 11 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • pdacosta Pedro da Costa Nikkei falls below 8,400 on euro zone bond woes 19 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • pdacosta Pedro da Costa French/German 10-year yield spread hits 200 bps 19 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • RT Dutch_Book: Joe Nocera talking Paterno on Charlie Rose. Glad to see every NYT employee is an expert on every goddamn thing all the time. 21 hours ago

  • paulsolman Paul Solman As for the China of the 1980s: Japan's Nikkei at 8385 as I twit. High? 39,000 in 1990. So it's lost almost 80% of its value - over 21 YEARS! 21 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • tgoodnight tgoodnight RT @LOLGOP CORRECTION: RomneyCare and ObamaCare aren't exactly the same. RomneyCare covers abortions. 23 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • sparksjls Jason L. Sparks Fortunately ObamaCare also requires all 7' doctors to register with the IRS, so there should be no trouble tracking the guy down. 21 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • mikeconrad1 Mike Conrad @ @brianbeutler @thinkprogress "A cartwheeling midget lawyer told me Obama was definitely born in Kenya." 22 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • GSElevator GS Elevator Gossip #1: Protesters are dressing in suits as a disguise. #2: Ironic. They can only afford those shitty Donald Trump brand suits at Macy's. 17 Nov Retweeted by delong