Matthew Yglesias's Theory of the Obama Administration in 2010: Excessive Reliance on the Second Derivative
Josef Stalin Liveblogs World War II: November 7, 1941

Twitterstorm delong: November 6, 2011

  • Kevin Drum: "Gog, Magog, and George Bush" was-he-hoping-for-a-nuclear-exchange-in-the-middle-east?-department

  • Matthew Yglesias's Theory of the Obama Administration in 2010: Excessive Reliance on the Second Derivative

  • Ken Rogoff: "Why the euro needs to fall"

  • Gavyn Davies: "The eurozone decouples from the world"

  • Mark Thoma: "it's not just the politics of austerity that is important, the power behind the politics matters too"

  • Roubini On the Difficulties of "Internal Devaluation": The European Economy Is @#$&^*( Department

  • Thomas Edsall: "The Politics of Austerity"

  • RT thinkprogress ThinkProgress More evidence of the 99% changing the conversation: New TIME magazine cover on income inequality #ows

  • RT FrankPasquale Frank Pasquale @delong I think his theory about Euro-leaders acting to secure future Davos invitations applies to US even better.

  • RT BrendanNyhan Brendan Nyhan Understatement of the year. Not sure h'line writer read article. RT @crampell Flat Tax Doesn’t Solve Inequality Problem

  • RT BrendanNyhan Brendan Nyhan Coming next week: Gasoline doesn't solve fire problem.

  • RT ezraklein Ezra Klein "God had an answer to everything. I think he spends a lot of time looking at blogs and websites."

  • RT EricBoehlert Eric Boehlert Reminder: press ignores Reuters Obama 49% poll because its committed to `12-is-a-toss-up narrative. Professionally, they NEED close race

  • RT MarkThoma Mark Thoma "The Politics of Austerity"

  • RT RyanLizza Ryan Lizza Pretty harsh. Ross Douthat says Bachmann and Cain are "ignorant," "incompetent," "feckless know-nothings."

  • RT TimHarford Tim Harford (covers eyes) RT @petersims: Simon Johnson: 'We Are Looking Straight Into The Face Of A Great Depression':

  • RT simonpegg Simon Pegg I don't follow God anymore. His tweets were judgemental and very self serving, mainly promo. Mix it up! Joke/psalm/joke/smite #unfollow

  • RT Nearly 1/2 of U.S. men with fathers in the bottom 1/5 of the earning curve remain there. Only 1/4 of Danes & Swedes do.

  • RT Pat_Garofalo Pat Garofalo David Gregory asking Jon Huntsman about an Onion article. This is getting too meta for me.

  • RT xv_brigada Paul Cunliffe Ed Miliband may one day become so radical, he will oppose Tory policy.

  • RT hblodget Henry Blodget RT @beckyquickcnbc: Awesome quote in Jim Stewart's nytimes column. What can men do to help advance women in the workplace? "The laundry."

  • RT pandagon Jesse Taylor FNS panel: Herman Cain has to labor under the terrible burden of racists accurately relaying things he's done to the public.

  • RT angrybearecon Angry Bear blog Naked Capitalism's Yves Smith is on fire...: Yves Smith has been on fire lately. Here's an article on when offs...

  • RT pandagon Jesse Taylor If that had been the Lincoln-Douglas debate, we'd all be Canadian now. #caingrich

  • RT pandagon Jesse Taylor That was Jon Huntsman's best performance yet. #caingrich

  • RT pandagon Jesse Taylor Tonight's lesson: our nation is strong enough to overcome the problems that lazy poor socialist Mexicans have foisted on us. #caingrich

  • RT pandagon Jesse Taylor The media is super nitpicky about you not knowing when China got nukes, or your selling books rather than campaign. #caingrich 5 Nov

  • RT amaeryllis amaeryllis quoting @jbarro, it's like Cain is just making it up as he goes... RT @ZekeJMiller: Cain stumped by a question, says "You go first Newt"

  • RT pandagon Jesse Taylor Cain knows nothing about the Chilean plan, does he? #caingrich

  • RT tnielsenhayden tnielsenhayden Okay, @LeliaForeman wins: the chitin is crab/shrimp shells. Same company makes yarns from corn, soy, jadeite ... Mad scientists for sure.

  • RT hotdogsladies Merlin Mann NPR says one key to a social media strategy is being "authentic." I'd say one key to being authentic is avoiding a "social media strategy."