Yes, Virginia, the Yen Is Overvalued
Lindsey Beyerstein and Dylan Matthews on Ron Paul on Twitter

Twitterstorm delong: December 31, 2011

  • polit2k Tim Coldwell MT @delong: Failing Up With Joshua Foust: Meet The Evil Genius Massacre-Denier Who Shills For War Profiteers… #browsings 14 minutes ago

  • leighblue Leigh Caldwell Brad @Delong has obviously started the New Year drinks early, as he's tweeting Daily Mail articles about chimpanzees. Or is it subtle satire 4 hours ago

  • chgreer Christopher Greer @ @dylanmatt @delong It's sad that the person talking about changing some policies--e.g. foreign wars--is also such a racist kook.

  • EricBoehlert Eric Boehlert what a sad, ugly attempt by @powerlineblog to smear Paul Krugman w/ antisemitism; #juststop #tcot 3 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • tcarmody Tim Carmody "No Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned… nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his Peers" - 1215 A.D. 3 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • MattZeitlin Matt Zeitlin I've never had an ex boyfriend, but getting all these texts from Obama et al is pretty much the same thing, no? 2 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • BetseyStevenson Betsey Stevenson Unbelievably true & an incredible waste MT: @mattyglesias: Everything about using health insurance in America is exhausting & horrible. 1 hour ago Retweeted by delong

  • cstross Charles Stross The freemium Sims on iPad tries to make you pay real money for simoleons. Why bother? Enslaving your Sims is cheaper and far more fun! 59 minutes ago Retweeted by delong

  • emptywheel emptywheel So report saying you're Bangladeshi when you're really Yemeni? Too bad! So sad! DC Circuit says that's still enough to hold you indefinitely 54 minutes ago Retweeted by delong

  • daveweigel daveweigel @ @TheStalwart @TPCarney I think it'll be Romney, Paul, Santorum, and... uh... uh... oops. 34 minutes ago Retweeted by delong

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Why the ProPublica Remap Yarn is Nonsense « Calbuzz 4 hours ago

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong @ @ATabarrok Congratulations. You are the very first defender of David Gordon. 4 hours ago

  • jab27 John B. @ @mark_dow Not to mention there wasn't anything "secret" about the liquidity swaps. That's almost more disingenuous than using "bailout" IMHO 6 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • New Economic Perspectives: Fannie and Freddie Fantasies 5 hours ago

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Mark Thoma Sends us to William Black on Peter Wallison's Fake Narrative on the Financial Crisis 5 hours ago

  • TheStalwart Joseph Weisenthal Bingo. I only care about the Wilshire. RT @StockSage1: Best way to prove that you are old media/WS 1.0.....keep quoting in Dow terms