Quote of the Day: January 11, 2012
No, Austerity Is Not Contractionary

Liveblogging World War II: January 12, 1942

Japanese capture the Indonesian oil fields of Tarakan:

Battle of Tarakan (1942) - Wikipedia: Japanese forces of the Right Wing Unit from the Sakaguchi Detachment landed on the east coast of Tarakan at midnight on January 11, 1942, followed by the 2nd Kure Special Naval Landing Force. After mounting a brief, but fierce resistance, the Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger (Royal Netherlands East Indies Army, or KNIL) garrison was outnumbered and surrendered in the morning of January 12. All prisoners of war were executed by the Japanese in retaliation for the destruction of the oil installations; an action that was repeated later in Balikpapan.

During the night of January 11, before Japan completed the blockade of Tarakan, the Dutch submarine K-X,[2] the patrol boat P-1 and the civilian motor launch Aida slipped away. The Dutch minelayer Prins van Oranje tried to escape as well but was sunk by the Japanese destroyer Yamakaze (Lt. Cdr Shuichi Hamanaka) and the patrol boat P-38.