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Twitterstorm delong: January 14, 2012

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Buttonwood on Hedge Fund Returns 4 hours ago

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Discussion Questions for Milton Friedman and Rose Director Friedman, "Free to Choose" 7 hours ago

  • hofrench Howard French The book on Bain. Excellent, informant read. RT @TNYJohnCassidy: One-stop shopping: The Mittster and Bain Capital: 21 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • DougHenwood Doug Henwood @ @moetkacik a quote that inspired a rare bit of wit in the NYT: " opinion now held by a much smaller number of people" 22 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • cblatts Chris Blattman Oh @Cal. Calling me at 12am for $ for the 4th time, waking my 9m old. Does one have to ask to be on do not call list 4x? #imgivingtostanford 20 hours ago Retweeted by delong

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Economy Currently Forecast to Grow at a 2.5%/Year Pace Between the End of Last September and the End of This March HTTP:// 23 hours ago

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Econ 1: U.C. Berkeley: Spring 2012: T.H. Marshall: Citizenship and Social Class 13 Jan

  • delong J. Bradford DeLong Looks Like U.C. Berkeley's bSpace system is crashing this morning--and the semester has not yet begun... 13 Jan

  • AdamSerwer AdamSerwer I confess to being a little surprised that desecrating corpses = bad is not an matter of relatively firm bipartisan consensus. 12 Jan Retweeted by delong

  • EconOfContempt EconOfContempt It takes a special kind of hack to turn Cordray's appt into "Obama is trying to steer credit to his political cronies!" 12 Jan Retweeted by delong

  • jayrosen_nyu Jay Rosen Maybe this is just my own thing, but: The older I get the bigger denial seems as a factor in what happens in events directly in front of me. 12 Jan Retweeted by delong

  • jbouie Jamelle Bouie I'm pretty sure that Santorum just suggested that Obama's recess appointments were a crime worthy of impeachment. 12 Jan Retweeted by delong »

  • UnlearningEcon Unlearning Economics @ @Noahpinion @delong @bryan_caplan self interest is great, except when it leads you to question the status quo! 3 hours ago

  • Noahpinion Noah Smith @ @delong And who exactly is telling us to be quiet about inequality? Why, @bryan_caplan of course! ;-) 3 hours ago

  • kelleher_ Paul Kelleher Exactly the satire I was hoping it'd be. RT @delong: Should Vanity Fair Be a Spelling Vigilante? | Blogs | Vanity Fair 17 hours ago

  • pauloppu paul oppu RT @delong Start Making Sense: A critique of Bain Capital | Bain capitalism + managerial capitalism = now 20 hours ago

  • afrakt Austin Frakt @delong The last three emails I've sent to you have bounced. Odder, they're bouncing from your gmail account. Huh? 13 Jan

  • juanFNDZ Juan Fernandez @ @dangillmor @delong . Mitt Romney’s extreme defense of capitalism - 12 Jan