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Eschaton: Take The Car Keys Away From Plouffe

Duncan Black:

Eschaton: Take The Car Keys Away From Plouffe: The Washington Post editorial board is not "the rest of the country." People like their Social Security and Medicare. There is no way to "fix" Social Security in a way which stops people from trying to steal the money.

Noam Scheiber:

[Top Adviser David] Plouffe urged the president to give [entitlement reform] a shot. "I said he [Obama] should be big on entitlements," Plouffe told one former administration official, by which he meant reining in these budgetary elephants. Sure, this would enrage the party's base. But the political upside with the rest of the country would more than make up for it ... "Plouffe is pretty big on accomplishments trump normal politics," said one White House colleague. "Plouffe's view is that big trumps the little."…