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Yes, Virginia, America's White Elites Are Republican

Andrew Gelman:

Voting patterns of America’s whites, from the masses to the elites: [R]icher [white] people vote more Republican. In contrast, the [white] pattern of education and voting is nonlinear. [White] high school graduates are more Republican than non-HS grads, but after that, the groups with more education tend to vote more Democratic…. [R]ich post-graduates… split 50-50….

What does this say about America’s [white] elites? If you define elites as [white] high-income non-Hispanic whites, the elites vote strongly Republican. If you define elites as [white] college-educated high-income whites, they vote moderately Republican.

There is no plausible way based on these data in which elites can be considered a Democratic voting bloc. To create a group of strongly Democratic-leaning elite whites… only postgraduates… [making] below-$75,000[/year] level of family income, which hardly seems like the American elites to me.