Yes, Mitt Romney Thinks We Need to Have More Drywall Factories

Henry Blodget Breathes Easy: Romney's Win Shows That Most Americans Are Still Reasonable People Who Believe In Freedom

The problem with Blodget's argument, of course, is that Romney has pretty much repudiated everything he did as governor of Massachusetts and promised to behave very differently. Blodget thinks that he and Romney are running a con on the Republican base. He should beware lest it turn out that Romney and the Republican base are running a con on Blodget.

Henry Blodget:

GOD BLESS AMERICA: The recent GOP primary was (or should have been) a nail-biter…. Lousy economies often create the conditions necessary for extremists to be elected…. And that's why the anti-American rantings of candidates like Rick Santorum couldn't be dismissed and ignored as the usual scary-talk from religious aggressives that we hear briefly every four years…. Mitt Romney is not perfect, by any means, but unless his term as governor of Massachusetts was a complete sham, he's relatively reasonable. Which is to say, his policies are mainly center-right as opposed to the center-left policies of our current President, Barack Obama, who is also reasonable (and imperfect).

In other words, our two candidates for President in the 2012 election are, once again, just two sides of the same coin: Smart, reasonable Americans who just have modestly different philosophies about the role of government in American society. And that means we can all breathe easy…