Duncan Black Reads and Gives a Bunch of Links by and About Will Saletan. I Feel Ill as a Result
David Graeber Thinks a Positive Review--"Very Impressive… I've Recommended It… I'm Citing It... But 'Take a “Trust but Verify” Attitude… [About] the Empirical Claims"--Is a "Delegitimization Effort"

Joe Weisenthal on John Hussman on Ben Bernanke


Hussman On Bernanke: Hussman is talking his book… gets the "coward" move totally wrong. Based on Bernanke's own writing… he probably knows that the proper thing to do is ease A LOT more than he is doing now…. But now that he's the Fed chair, politics and "credibility" come into play, and so Bernanke is probably being more reserved than he otherwise would be…. [T]he Fed desperately needs to start acting reckless…. But for Bernanke to really start getting reckless, he'd risk the wrath of politicians and market participants calling him a bubble-addicted fool…. But the willingness to take this kind of criticism is exactly what "leadership" would be right now. As economists like Karl Smith have argued, the biggest risk to the economy is that the Fed gets too jumpy about criticism, and tightens prematurely…