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Weblog Presentation: A Complaint from Low-Tech Cyclist

Low-Tech Cyclist writes:

Grasping reality: What's happened to your blog, Brad? Why are there just snippets on the front page now?

A number of blogs, from Firedoglake to Ezra Klein, have shifted over to this format where (at least for me) there isn't enough of any post on the front page to draw me in and make me want to keep reading, and after awhile, without making a conscious decision about it, I stop going there.

(In the case of FDL, I hear that was no great loss. But it was weird to realize the other day that I hadn't been to Ezra's blog in months, when I'd once checked him out a few times a day.)

I sincerely hope you go back to your old format, where a short-to-medium length post would be entirely on the front page, and enough of a long post would be on the front page to decide whether it was worth reading the rest.

The belief (which may well be false) is that regulars who would like the old weblog format have predominantly shifted to reading via rss reader and are accessing , that people who reach the weblog via links never hit the front page in the first place, and that the front page is for people exploring who would prefer a quick summary view of what is going on.

Opinions, everybody?