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Yes, the Washington Post Is Getting Even Worse. I Would Not Have Thought That Possible

Ruth Marcus:

To be clear, I believe the individual mandate is both good policy and sound law, well within Congress’ powers under the Commerce Clause. I think overturning the mandate would be bad not only for the country but for the court itself. Especially in the wake of Bush v. Gore and Citizens United, it would look like a political act to have the five Republican-appointed justices voting to strike down the law and the four Democratic appointees voting to uphold it...

Ruth Marcus:

I would not denounce [a ruling striking down the individual mandate] as conservative justices run amok...

For the conservative judges of the Supreme Court, acting as a partisan block, in the wake of Bush v. Gore and Citizens United, issuing a decision that is bad policy, bad law, and pretends that the Congress's Commerce Clause powers are much less than they are--if that is not running amok, what would running amok possibly be?

Marcus writes these two paragraphs on the same day.

On the same page.

In the same column.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?