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American Experience | Bataan Rescue | On the Home Front: Letters to the Governor of New Mexico:

508 South 11th Street
New Mexico
April 22, 1942

Honorable Gov. John E. Miles
Santa Fe,
New Mexico

Dear Governor Miles:

Of all the reports of the fighting men from New Mexico, have been from the army and nothing has been said of those in the Air Corps.

We have a son who is with the 19th Hdq & Hdq Squadron of the Air Corp. and was stationed at Clark Field in the Phillipines at the time it was bombed. We haven't heard from him since the fall of Manilla.

Any information you can secure for us as to his whereabouts will be deeply appreciated beyond words. We cannot understand why this should be such a military secret in informing the boys parents where they are located.


Melvin Clarke

His last address:

Corporal Richard S. Clarke
19 Hdq & Hdq Squadron
Clark Field
Phillipine Islands
Serial #6296282