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Liveblogging World War II: May 28, 1942.

Chester Nimitz:

Cincpac File No.
Serial 0114 W.

U. S. S. PENNSYLVANIA,  Flagship
FLAGSHIP OF THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF   May 28, 1942.                 S E C R E T   From: Commander-in-Chief, United States Pacific Fleet.
To: Commander Striking Forces (Operation Plan 29-42).
Subject: Letter of Instructions.   1. In carrying out the task assigned in Operation Plan 29-42 you will be governed by the principle of calculated risk, which you shall interpret to mean the avoidance of exposure of your force to attack by superior enemy forces without good prospect of inflicting, as a result of such exposure, greater damage to the enemy. This applies to a landing phase as well as during preliminary air attacks.   C. W. NIMITZ.                              Copy to:

ComTaskFor. 16. (Delivered by hand by War Plans)
ComTaskFor. 17. (Delivered by hand by War Plans)
ComTaskFor. 11. (Hold until arrival Pearl)