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The Polling Firm Rasmussen Lies to Its Clients

Remember this every time you read a Rasmussen Poll. Everytime:

Rasmussen Reports
Date: May 31, 2012 8:03:54 AM EDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: Economic Chart Indicates Massive Inflation to Strike in 2013

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Rasmussen Reports

Dear Reader,

"The data is clear, 50% unemployment, a 90% stock market drop, and 100% annual inflation . . . starting this year."

These were the prophetic words spoken to me recently by famed economist and New York Times best-selling author Robert Wiedemer, at a private dinner in Palm Beach, Fla.

"You see, the medicine will become the poison," Wiedemer continued, as he pulled a worn manila envelope from his briefcase. Skeptical of his claims at first, Wiedemer showed me the chilling evidence (click here to see the same charts I saw that night).

I was shocked.

The very next day, Wiedemer stopped by my office to record an interview for a private audience explaining how America got itself into this mess, and how these individuals could find safe, secure investments during the tumultuous times ahead.

To see that exact interview — click here now.

Aaron DeHoog
Financial Publisher
Newsmax and Moneynews