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The Romney Fifty Little Mandates Plan

Berkeley Panel Next Monday: What Next for Health Care Reform?


  • Robert Reich, Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy, U.C. Berkeley, quondam Secretary of Labor
  • Jesse Choper, Earl Warren Professor of Public Law, U.C. Berkeley
  • J. Bradford DeLong, Professor of Economics, U.C. Berkeley
  • Steve Shortell, Dean of the School of Public Health, U.C. Berkeley
  • Ann O'Leary, Director, Children and Families Program, Center for the Next Generation
  • Ann Marie Marciarille, Associate Professor of Law, University of Missouri at Kansas City
  • Maryanne McCormick, Executive Director, Blum Center for Developing Economies, U.C. Berkeley


  • John Ellwood, Professor of Public Policy and Program Director of the Berkeley/UCSF Branch of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholars in Health Policy Research Program, U.C. Berkeley

Date: Monday July 2nd
Time: 10 AM to Noon
Place: Room 132, Berkeley Law School at Boalt Hall