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CV6 Liveblogs World War II: June 8, 1942

Midway 1942 : Documents : Commanding Officer U.S.S. ENTERPRISE (CV6). Action Report. June 8, 1942:

CV6/A16-3/(60-Br) (0133) U. S. S. ENTERPRISE (CV6) At Sea June 8, 1942…

Battle of Midway Island, June 4 - 6, 1942 -- Report of….

(1) On the afternoon and evening of June 3, 1942, the general situation prior to the battle was as follows (times throughout are Zone plus 10): Task Force Seventeen and Task Force Sixteen had previously rendezvoused in the general vicinity of "Point Luck", approximately 350 miles northeast of Midway Island and were operating in that area closing Midway during darkness and opening during the day, remaining east of the longitude of Midway. Both Task Forces had completed fueling to capacity and the oilers despatched to their rendezvous. The Senior Officer Present Afloat and Officer in Tactical Command was in YORKTOWN. The two task forces were separated but were within visual contact. They were operating independently but generally conforming in their move­ments. At 2150 course was changed to 210° T. toward a 0630, June 4, rendezvous (31° 30' N; 176° 30' W) designated by Commander Task Force 17. At 1812 a radio message from Flight 312 to Radio Midway was intercepted "2 enemy destroyers 2 cargo vessels course 020 speed 13"….

(3) The following significant messages were received during the night of June 3 - 4….


0906  Commenced launching attack group of 33 VSB, 14 VT, 10 VF. 15 VSB armed with one 1000 lb. bomb each. 12 VSB armed with one 500 lb. bomb and two 100 lb. bombs. 6 VSB armed with one 500 lb. bomb each. 14 VTB armed with torpedoes….

1202 Commander ENTERPRISE Air Group sighted Japanese Force composed of 4 CV, 2 BB, 4 CA, 6 DD. 1220 VT commenced attack; probably one hit on CV. 1222 VSB commenced dive bombing attack; two (2) CV badly damaged with many direct bomb hits, left in flames. Position of enemy force, Lat. 30° 05' N, Long. 178° 50' W….

1410 Completed landing attack group….

1437-1438 Landed 5-B-3 and 5-B-16 (YORKTOWN planes). YORKTOWN pilot reported YORKTOWN in bad shape. Heavy smoke seen from YORKTOWN.

1442-1448 Landed 5-B-7, 5-B-8, 5-B-9, 5-B-10, 5-B-12, 5-B-14, 5-B-15 (YORKTOWN planes).

1451-1459 Landed 5-F-2, 5-F-3, 5-F-8, 5-F-21, 5-B-4, 5-B-5, 5-B-6, 5-B-11, 5-B-13, 5-B-17 (YORKTOWN planes).

1504-1505 Landed 5-F-10, 5-F-15 (YORKTOWN planes)….

1730 Commenced launching attack group composed of 24 VSB. 11 VSB armed with one 1000 lb. bomb each. 13 VSB armed with one 500 lb. bomb each….

1905 Attacked Japanese Force composed of 1 CV, 2 BB, 3 CA, 4 DD, position Lat. 31° 40' N, Long. 179° 10' W. Left 1 CV and 1 BB severely damaged and mass of flames….

The attack delivered upon enemy carriers by the torpedo squadrons of our forces is believed to be without parallel for determined and courageous action in the face of overwhelming odds. These crews were observed to commence their attack against heavy anti-aircraft fire from the enemy carriers and supporting vessels while opposed by enemy Zero fighters in large numbers. The enemy fighter opposition was so strong and effective that ten torpedo planes out of fourteen of Torpedo Squadron SIX did not return. It is recommended that the Navy Cross be awarded to each pilot and gunner of Torpedo Squadron SIX who participated in this bold and heroic attack. A separate letter containing details of all aircraft attacks and specific recommendations for awards will be submitted.   Personnel losses in the Air Group were heavy, parti­cularly Torpedo 6. A summary to date which is subject to final check is as follows:


Plane Pilot Gunner

6T1 LtCdr. E.E. Lindsey, USN. GRENAT, C.T., ACRM, USN.
6T2 Ens. S.L. Rombach, A-V(N),USNR.GLENN, W.F., ARM2c, USN.
6T6 Lt.(jg) J.T. Eversole, USN. LANE, J.U., RM2c, USN.
6T9 Ens. R.M. Holder, A-V(N),USNR. DURAWA, G.J., ARM3c, USN.
6T10 Lt.  A.V. Ely, USN. LINDGREN, A.R., RM3c, USN.
6T12 Ens. F.C. Hodges, A-V(N),USNR. BATES, J.H., RM2c, USN.
6T13 Lt.  P.J. Riley, USN. MUSHINSKI, E.J., ARM2c, USN.
6T14 Ens. J.W. Brock, USN. BLUNDELL, J.M., ARM3c, USN.
6T7 Lt.(jg) L. Thomas, USN. LITTLEFIELD, H.F., ARM2c,USN.
6T8 Mach. A.W. Winchell, USN. COSSITT, D.M., RM3c, USNR.


6B5 Lt.(jg) W.E.Roberts,A-V(N),USNR. STENMAN, W.B., AMM1c, USN.
6B6 Ens. D.W. Halsey, A-V(N),USNR. JENKINS, J.W., RM3c, USN.
6B8 Ens. T.F. Schneider,A-V(N),USNR. HOLDEN, G.L., ARM2c, USN.
6B9 Ens. E.A. Greene, A-V(N),USNR. MUNTEAN, S.A., RM3c, USNR.
6B11 Ens. T.W. Ramsay, A-V(N),USNR. DUNCAN, S.L., AMM2c, USN.
6B13 Lt.(jg) J.J. VanBuren, USN. NELSON, H.W., ARM1c, USN.
6B14 Ens. N.F. Vandivier,A-V(N),USNR. KEANEY, L.E.J., Sea1c, USN.
6B15 Ens. G.H. Goldsmith,A-V(N),USNR. PATTERSON, J.W., ARM3c, USN.
6B18 Ens. B.S. Varian, A-V(N),USNR. YOUNG, C.R., ARM3c, USN.
6B3 Ens. F.T. Weber, A-V(N),USNR. HILBERT, E.L., AOM3c, USN.


6S3 Ens. J.Q. Roberts, A-V(N),USNR. SWINDELL, T.R., AOM1c, USN.
6S15 Ens. J.R. McCarthy, A-V(N),USNR. HOWELL, E.E., RM3c, USN.
6S12 Ens. C.D. Peiffer, A-V(N),USNR. JECK, F.C., Sea1c, USN.
6S4 Lt.  C.R. Ware, USN. STAMBAUGH, W.M., ARM1c, USN.
6S5 Ens. F.H.O'Flaherty,A-V(N),USNR. GAIDO, B.F., AMM1c, USN.
6S14 Ens. J.C. Lough, A-V(N),USNR.MANSEN, L.D., RM3c, USN.
6S1 Ens. J.N. Vammen, A-V(N),USNR. GLARY, M.W., AMM2c, USN.   Aircraft losses as the result of 3 days action:   Torpedo SIX (Ten (10))…. Bombing SIX (Eleven (11))…. Scouting SIX (Nine (9))…. Fighting SIX (One (1))….

The ship, although subjected to threat of air attack on several occasions experienced no actual attack and suffered no damage during actions on June 4-5-6.   It is extremely difficult to determine the extent of the damage inflicted upon the enemy by ENTERPRISE, as the air groups of all carriers, as well as land based aircraft at Midway, participated in continuous attacks on enemy units throughout the three days action. Based upon reports available to ENTERPRISE, it is estimated the following damage was inflicted upon the enemy:

3 CV's sunk.
1 CV on fire and badly damaged (probably sank night of June 5)
1 CA wrecked and abandoned.
3 CA heavily bombed.
3 DD sunk.   The efficiency of the ship for war operations is considered outstanding and all munitions of war are considered satisfactory.

[signed] G. D. MURRAY.