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Hale Stewart: The Financial Times Rules OK!

Hale Stewart:

The Bonddad Blog: Why I Dropped My WSJ Subscription for the Financial Times: Here are the reasons for the switch:

  1. A far more international orientation: the Financial Times is truly an international paper…. [The] world is now one giant inter-related system; you have to know what is happening in Europe, Australia and India and how that inter-relationship relates to the US. The WSJ falls down on this connection in a pretty big way….

  2. Much better blogs: Compare Alphaville and Money Supply to the WSJ's Market Beat or Real Time economics. There is no comparison…. [T]he FT blogs which provide some excellent in-depth research on meaty topics.   The posts are longer and filled with far more nuance.  The different is night and day.

  3. A great writing style.  The FT has shorter stories, but there is no fluff; once the writers have said their piece, they stop writing….

  4. When was the last time the WSJ did a really good piece on anything?… The WSJ used to provide great well-researched articles economic on topics (in fact, it used to be  a daily occurrence, running down the right or left side of the front page).  They've just lost that edge.  I think a big problem there is the attempt to make the WSJ a competitor with the NYT….

  5. The lack of an "ick" factor.  The ongoing investigations in the UK indicate there are serious management problems that have obviously filtered down throughout the Murdoch media group.  Put another way, if the head is that corrupt, I don't see how that doesn't trickle down

  6. Whatever isn't covered in the FT is covered by Bloomberg…