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A Note from Maury Obstfeld on Kindleberger, Hegemony, and Speculation

Leadership Secrets of Nazi General Friedrich Paulus

Friedrich Paulus to the corps commanders of VI Army, June 1942:

Recently numbers of reports have come to my attention and that of the higher leadership in which division commanders have described the condition of their divisions with extreme pessimism. This I cannot tolerate.

The personnel and material deficiencies afflicting the divisions are well known to the higher leadership. Nevertheless, the higher leadership is determined to carry out its intentions in the eastern theater of war to the full. Therefore it is up to us to get the most out of the troops in their present condition.

I request that you exert influence on the division commanders in this sense.

Can anybody imagine a worse commander than Friedrich Paulus? To announce before the start of the campaign that you do not want to hear about reality…