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The Lost Soul of the Cato Institute

John Mashey on the Cato Institute:

The Battle for the Cato Institute: Crane was quite happy taking money year after year from the tobacco companies, who stay in business addicting children, of whom about half will eventually die of smoking-related diseases. Very few people start smoking after age 18, so the only thing that really counts is getting kids to smoke.

1991-2001: CATO was 3rd biggest think tank recipient of Philip Morris funds…

Crane thanks RJ Reynolds, who was then running Joe Camel, the most successful campaign to get more kids to smoke earlier. But RJR's money was good:

We are delighted to have RJ Reynolds as a significant corporate supporter of the Institute and look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead…. Let's get together for lunch on one of your upcoming trips to Washington.


It is our pleasure to be able to support the work that is being done by the Cato Institute…