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The Microsoft Surface Does Look Like a Really Cool Idea. But...

Reality Distortion Field: Farhad Manjoo of Slate:

Microsoft Surface: I love the Surface….

I was allowed to spend only about 90 seconds with Microsoft’s new tablet device….

I was only permitted to touch the device while the machine was powered off….

They didn’t let me actually use the new tablet….

Microsoft won’t tell us its price…. We don’t know when it will go on sale…. [W]e don’t know if the tablet’s build quality will hold up….

I’m already deeply smitten….

Microsoft has clearly spent a lot of time making this thing look and feel just right….

If it works well, the keyboard—which I got to inspect at great length but not actually type on—is going to be the Surface’s killer attraction….

At long last, the PC industry has some real hardware competition. And whether the Surface wins or loses, Microsoft is finally in the game.

But, Farhad, if the keyboard worked well, they would have let you type on it. The keyboard doesn't work well, yet.

Why oh why can't we have a better press corps?