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Ah. I See Mario Rizzo Is Back at It Again...

He says, yet again:

  1. Taxi medallion owners have a good thing in a government-sponsored monopoly that gives them healthy incomes and valuable assets, so
  2. Let's cheat taxi drivers by stiffing them of their tips at the end of the ride.

Note what Rizzo is not saying. Rizzo is not saying:

Before you get into a taxicab, warn the driver that you don't tip so he can decide whether he wants to accept your custom or go on to the next fare.

Rizzo is saying:

Get into the taxi without warning him that you don't tip--and then at the end of the ride, when it comes time for you to honor the contract of meter fare plus tip for reasonable service that you had entered into, stiff him instead.

I never will understand these people. Never. If they ever wind up in your house, strip-search 'em as they leave. Just saying...