Microblogging: August 20, 2012
Immigration, the Size of Government, the Modern American Republican Party, and Poor Deluded Adam Ozimek's Self-Deception

Department of "Huh?!": That Stretch Down South Will Never Stand the Strain Department...

Buce is puzzled:

Underbelly: In Which I Remind My Readers that I'm a Vulgarian: I'm equally baffled at why Rep.Kevin Yoder (R-Not in Kansas Any More)  felt he had apologize for going skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee--or more precisely, why the fussbudget in chief, Eric Cantor, felt he had to scold Yoder for it.  Seems to me that the correct response for a grown man against an imputation that he took a moonlight plunge in the altogether ought to be "Yeah? So?"  Or in the words of the immortal Joe Biden, I do not see it as a big effing deal.

Underbelly's Wichita bureau does offer one possible clarification: maybe the problem with Yoder and the water is that he didn't walk on it.

Seems to me there might be two potential problems here:

  • Letting other men see your [censored] means that you are [censored].
  • Being naked anywhere in Israel is disrespectful to Jesus.