Joint Brad DeLong-Martin Feldstein Smackdown Watch: Another Interaction Effect Feldstein Misses That Makes It Even More Arithmetically Impossible for Romney to Keep His Promises

I Gather Mitt Romney's Speech at the RNC Did Not Go Well...

Gideon Rachman watches and twitters the RNC so I can do other things. His summary:

Gideon Rachman (gideonrachman) on Twitter: Gideon Rachman ‏@gideonrachman We just had 2 hours build-up about what a warm, inspiring guy he is; and Romney disproves it in 25 minutes. Nice balloons, tho'.

This guy's a zombie.

Will Romney do it?. Perhaps not: gets off to a flat and awkward start. Bored already. Ooh, some demonstrators. Drowned out by USA chants.

Rubio is good: making the zillionth American Dream speech. But it sounds fresh.

Eastwood performance, really weird. He is riffing and rambling and, inter alia, to commit Romney to immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan

Huge roar, I thought it was Romney. But its just Clint Eastwood, sounds a little hoarse. Hope he produces 44 magnum

Romney has strong support among practitioners of skeleton bobsleigh. Captain of Miracle on Ice hockey team, also getting huge reception.

Gingrich and wife doing weird double act at convention: 2 people speaking alternate sentences makes for a lousy speech

After Rice, Ryan comes across as callow and uninspiring. Also has a weird smirk and watery eyes.

My God; a sensible, intelligent, speech at the GOP convention. Its a first. What could Condi Rice be thinking?

Band at GOP convention playing "Signed, sealed, delivered"; same song Obama used in 08. But GOP not using Stevie Wonder version.

George W appears at GOP convention, but only on film. Palin totally absent and unmentioned.

Ron Paul tribute film at GOP convention stresses his small gov views. Ignores his opposition to foreign wars, Pentagon spending.

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