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Greg Sargent Explains Why Nobody Has Any Business Supporting Ryan-Romney

Immigration, the Size of Government, the Modern American Republican Party, and Poor Deluded Adam Ozimek's Self-Deception

You know, modern American Republicans' self-image is of a rugged individualist, upwardly-mobile, eager to take risks and strike out for new frontiers, a pioneer willing to move thousands of miles and become a stranger in a strange land in search of opportunity--and somebody who does not care about and is not obedient to picky bureaucratic rules and regulations.

In short, their self-image is that he is an illegal immigrant from Oaxaca.

But modern American Republicans really do not like illegal immigrants from Oaxaca. Especially Paul Ryan does not like them:

Sara Inés Calderón: Paul Ryan Compares Latinos To Animals, Decries "Anchor Babies": Yesterday, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan held several town halls, one of which stirred up the topic of immigration and so-called “anchor babies.”… Ryan… noted that “anchor babies cost money,” which is like saying U.S. citizen children cost money — how is it worse when they’re Latino kids?…

Ryan began to talk about border security, saying that “catch and release” doesn’t work. “Are you talking about people or fish?” a woman in bold framed glasses blurted out…

This has implications for the smart but sadly deluded Adam Ozimek, who continues to carry water for a Republican Party that simply does not exist in modern America:

Larry Summers is Wrong About Unshrinkable Government: I don’t regard government being a growing share of the economy as inevitable, or as only avoidable with drastic and painful cuts in spending. He ignores the obvious but often ignored example of more immigration, and in particular, more high skilled immigration. You might argue that this is too unpopular to be discussed, but part of the unpopularity is that economists too often decide that this solution isn’t worth mentioning. If we instead reminded people of this fix as consitently as it merited, it would be a lot harder to ignore….

[M]ost of the decline in the ratio of workers to retirees happens when by 2030, when the ratio falls from 4.84 to 2.96. The working age population over this period increases around 10%, from 195 million to 214 million. The number of retirees, in contrast, increases by 80%. Workers increase by 19 million while retirees increase by 32 million. So for a start we could increase the expected number of immigrants by 23 million, or 1.15 million more per year, and increase the number of workers by the same amount as the number of retirees.

If we wanted to maintain the ratio of 4.8 workers to retirees, we would need… an extra 3.5% of workers starting in 2010, or 6.7 million a year on average. To put that in context we currently have around a million new citizens a year…. [W]e could drastically reduce the number needed if we focused on allowing high-skilled immigrants in…. [C]onservatives more than anyone should support more high-skilled immigrants, since this is our best chance at preventing Larry Summers’ predicted unshrinkable government from coming true.

If Adam wants his dream of an America open to high-skilled immigrants to have a chance of coming true--and that would be a very good thing for the world, as it turns out to be much easier to move people to where there are good institutions than to move good institutions to where there are people--then he needs to join us on this side of the aisle working to end the modern Republican Party as we know it and return to an America that welcomes immigrants as our brothers and sisters rather than, as the modern Republican Party does, both fears them and--since it is no longer politically viable to expressly call for discrimination against African-Americans (save for closing the polling stations in their neighborhoods early)--seeks to discriminate against them.

Then we could focus on what kind of safety net is needed to make higher rates of immigration win-win for current Americans and the world as a whole.

Come across the aisle, Adam! Join those of us ex-professional bipartisans who have given up on the modern Republican Party!