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Jonathan Chait Joins the Herlaþing Across the Night Skies in Pursuit of Romney's Zero-Tax Tax Returns

The question of Harry Reid's source. Jonathan Chait:

Is Harry Reid Right? -- Daily Intel: I’ve been poised to join the crowd of liberal commentators ritually denouncing Harry Reid for passing on his anonymously sourced claim that Mitt Romney may have paid on the order of no taxes for ten years…. I’m glad I hesitated, because I now suspect Reid is right….

“No taxes” is rich-guy talk for, say, a single-digit tax rate. But I do think Reid has a real source here. Markos Moulitsas and a host of other online sleuths have compiled a pretty persuasive case that Reid’s source is Jon Huntsman Sr…. [D]oes Reid have a right to repeat what he heard? The answer becomes more clear if you consider it from Reid’s perspective. You’re Harry Reid, and a Republican you know with strong Bain connections passes on that the tax returns Romney refuses to release reveal that he is paying “no” taxes. Must you refrain from declaring this to the world? Given that Romney’s tax returns are something most people believe he is ethically obligated to release anyway, I’d say no…. I think Reid has a right to pass on a reasonably well-sourced rumor and throw the ball into Romney’s court.