Live Blogging World War II: August 4, 1942
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Liveblogging World War II: August 5, 1942

Harry Truman:

Washington, D.C.
Aug. 5, 42
Dear Bess:-

Just 25 years ago today I was inducted into the service of the Federal Gov't as a 1st Liut. Of Field Artillery, N.G. In the opinion of the Regular Army N.G. stood for no good. But it turned out differently. I was lucky, got to France fired some 3 inch bullets at the Boch got home, got my sweetheart, went broke became a politician and to some extent am putting a small finger into the next war. What will another 24 years bring? You answer it I can't.

It was nice to talk with you this A.M. Had an air mail from Mary after the doctor was there yesterday and things seemed to be in much better shape with mamma.

Hope you called her. I didn't think to remind you to but I'm sure you did. Sermon should feel exceedingly good. Montgomery is his masterpiece and the country did it. I can hardly keep from telling him what I think of it. But I won't because it is no use breaking entirely with him. He will have something to answer for one of these days though. I really believe if I'd made a speech on old Monty he'd have gone down. But he mightn't have and then I'd have been in the soup. Hope your mother is still on the mend. She seemed much better Tuesday morning.

It is cool and cloudy here. Been sprinkling rain nearly all day. The girls have been out trying to see the Queen of Holland but have had no luck so far. She's late or lost or something. My desk wasn't piled quite so high as usual. Been dictating all afternoon and will be up to date tomorrow.

Kiss my baby. Love to you