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Niall Ferguson Does Not Understand That the Federal Government Hires a Huge Number of Temporary Workers to Conduct the Decennial Census

Microblogging: August 21, 2012

Economist’s View: ‘The Right Seems Unable to Rise above Rabble-Rousing’ |

RT @foxjust: Someday all journalistic activity will be devoted to fact-checking Niall Ferguson, rechecking his fact-checkers, and so on |

RT @jbarro: The right, much more than the left, has gotten out of touch with reality. Of course that means GOP pols will make false, outlandish claims. |

Niall Ferguson Does Not Understand That the Federal Government Hires a Huge Number of Temporary Workers to Conduct t… |

RT @DylanByers: Niall Ferguson ducks, nitpicks, vilifies via @POLITICO |

Paul Krugman: Kinds Of Wrong |

RT @daveweigel: RT @feliciasonmez: Ryan is hitting Obama for defense sequester that he voted for in last August’s debt-ceiling deal |

RT @peterkohan: @owillis Shorter Brown: “Please - women actually vote AGAINST Republicans in MA over this s***. You’re killing me, here.” |

RT @MattZeitlin: Hot brit-on-brit economics action!!! |

RT @daveweigel: RT @aaltman82: Super brave of Akin’s Republican colleagues to pile on with outraged press releases now that their opinion is moot. |

RT @owillis: shorter romney: i can’t have our true position on this issue up front, im running for president for pete’s sake! |

RT @evanmc_s: FLASHBACK: Akin not endorsing Romney in July: “just going to wait and see, issue by issue, for what he does” |

RT @brianbeutler: RE Romney’s energy plan, he’s actually like the right’s cartoon version of Pelosi. “You have to elect me to find out what’s in it.” |

Daily Kos: The 2012 election: Sex and Medicare

RT @Beyerstein: .@pambelluck and @laurahelmuth unleash their science journalism chops on poor, pitiful Todd Akin: Ouch! |

RT @ryangrim: Sen. Ron Wyden did not cosponsor Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, @secupp - They’re in different chambers, first of all |

RT @YAppelbaum: It’s great that NYT columnists submit hyperlinked sources for their facts, but why not embed them in the articles? |

Daily Kos: Shocker! Romney campaign can’t find anyone ‘appropriate’ to talk about lady things |

RT @emptywheel: Q: Who put plank comparing undocumented workers to cattle INTO GOP platform, such that it had to be struck? Kobach? @PeterHambyCNN |

RT @emptywheel: Every leader of party will have spent an entire 72-hour waiting people trying to hound out primary winner for advocating party platform. |

RT @ryangrim: Okay RT @ericatwiley GOP spokesmen now urging media to go back to Romney tax return issue. |

Todd Akin Isn’t The Only Tea Party Senate Candidate Who Thinks Medicare Is Unconstitutional | ThinkProgress |

Matthew Ingram: Plagiarism, defamation and the power of hyperlinks via @mathewi |

Lindsay Beyerstein: Todd Akin on “Legitimate Rape” |

David Cutler: Hey Republicans! Stop Misusing My Medicare Study! |

Jonathan Portes: Bad policy is to blame for UK’s lack of growth |

Vanessa Heggie: The Missouri Republican Party Gets Really, Really Medieval |

A Current Benefit-Cost Ratio of 0.55 Is Sufficient to Make Increased Federal Purchases a Good Deal Today… |

RT @pamspaulding: .@DKos: WaPo’s Deputy Editorial Page Ed. @JacksonDiehl calls his readers “idiotic” over @Milbank column | |

RT @KagroX: Todd Akin wrote HR 4971, to prohibit ACA health care exchanges from offering plans that cover abortion. Original cosponsor: Paul Ryan. |

RT @amaeryllis: It’s almost like the GOP is daring every person under 40 to never vote Republican again. |

RT @edyong209: Niall Ferguson says his reputation isn’t undermined, which is the sort of made-up shit you’d now expect him to say |

RT @amaeryllis: Supporting a “Personhood” Amendment but not an Equal Rights Amendment sums up the GOP pretty nicely. |

RT @TheStalwart: #ThingsNiallFergusonblamesonObama RT @Reddy: “By 2030, China will have 200 million college graduates — more than the entire U.S. workforce” |

RT @dylanmatt: Following up a lie-riddled cover story with a fun roundup of people pointed out you lied takes some serious chutzpah: |

RT @jayrosen_nyu: The Rubicon that Newsweek is crossing without realizing it. |

RT @CitizenCohn: Reminder from @HaroldPollack - Ryan/Romney plans for Medicaid scarier than those for Medicare |

RT @jbarro: The biggest problem with Niall Ferguson’s worldview is that he treats the rise of the Chinese populace out of poverty like it’s a bad thing. |

RT @JustinWolfers: Wait, so is Niall Ferguson running for the Missouri senate seat now? |

RT @jbplainblog: CotD to @mattyglesias on Obama and monetary policy. Yup, it’s bizarre. |

RT @haroldpollack: Economist Hank Aaron is a go-to source on public policy—older Americans’ stake in the current Medicare fight. |

RT @foxjust: “we really do need a significant fiscal stimulus …” Glenn Hubbard on Nightly Business Report, Jan. 19, 2009 |

RT @foxjust: ” … and to work in the next 12 to 18 months it will have to involve both spending increases and tax cuts.” Hubbard, contd. |

RT @Susane: MT @Atrios: what the fuck did the @BarackObama administration think public sector “belt tightening” meant if not firing teachers? |

RT @ThePlumLineGS: .@stevebenen: Romney’s historic levels of mendacity are a test for our political system: |

RT @normative: Inside Intellectual Ventures, the most hated company in tech |

RT @DylanByers: Ferguson: “I don’t think you can claim this undermines my academic reputation.” …Dude, you EDITED THE CBO REPORT to CHANGE ITS MEANING. |

RT @gideonrachman: @Sathnam @gideonrachman @Pawelmorski @delong @EdwardGLuce Thats’s only a matter of time for him. |

RT @Pawelmorski: @EdwardGLuce @delong we.did. You never see him on BBC these days… |

Jed Lewison: Republican platform draft endorses Todd Akin’s abortion stance. And Paul Ryan’s. And Mitt Romney’s. |

Dave Weigel: What a Silly Little Fraud Niall Ferguson Is |

RT @memeorandum: In Missouri: 54% Call For Akin to Quit Bid for U.S. Senate; 76% Do Not Share His Views on Rape… |

RT @AmandaMarcotte: The entire discourse has embedded in it the notion that women are a criminal class begging for mercy for their vagina crimes. |

RT @mark_dow: Bonobo genius makes stone tools like early humans did #HeAlsoTradesCurrencies |

RT @siracusa: Someone needs to start a single-page website showing a countdown clock to an affordable 1TB SSD. Seems like I’ve been waiting forever… |

RT @flounder_MA: @TheStalwart @delong As far as I can tell, @davidfrum is suggesting we bomb China back into the stone age so they can’t buy stuff. |

Greg Sargent Explains Why Nobody Has Any Business Supporting Ryan-Romney |

“This is a Fed full of Obama appointees pursuing a disastrous policy that’s creating all kinds of problems for Obama” |

“John Cassidy says that reappointing Ben Bernanke looks to have been the Obama administration’s biggest mistake” |

“Garcia noted that the Federal Reserve looks like it is considering joining team balance sheet” |

RT @irincarmon: “There have always been people in Republican politics who thought rape victims had it too easy…they have taken over.” — @maddow |

RT @tinyrevolution: WPost explains (1) US doesn’t care at all about Assange & (2) now that Ecuador’s given him asylum WE WILL CRUSH THEM |

Eric Loomis: Nat Turner’s slave rebellion |

The secret history of shipping pallets - Boing Boing |

Losing One’s Head: A Frustrating Search for the ‘Truth’ about Decapitation « The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice |

Department of “Huh?!”: That Stretch Down South Will Never Stand the Strain Department… |

“Uncertainty” Is Nothing More Than Wall Street Whining | Stan Collender’s Capital Gains and Games |