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This Year's Arctic Icecap

Microblogging: August 22, 2012

attackerman: Because usually when I rob a house the last thing I plan for is LL Cool J popping up out of nowhere to … http://t.co/Pj0GId43

BoingBoing: Ayn Rand: How everyone’s favorite spouse-swapping, godless novelist and dorm doyenne became the Tea… http://t.co/W2WPRufH

BoingBoing: An oldie but still-relevant-y: The New York Times Torture Euphemism Generator. http://t.co/zn46tuZd

RT @AntDeRosa: @TheStalwart and we’re linking to @FelixSalmon’s personal blog from http://t.co/gUbyVbAy

RT @GagnonMacro: @delong Note “members” means those who currently vote and it is prefaced by “many”. The bar is very low for QE3. | http://bit.ly/PZccOk

RT @TimDuy: @GagnonMacro A low bar relative to the data at that time….how has the data changed since then? | http://bit.ly/PZccxR

RT @TheStalwart: Reuters blogs just passed the 8 day mark for being down. I can’t imagine I would survive being out of the game that long. I’d die. | http://bit.ly/PZccxG

RT @mattyglesias: Akin “trusts some people more than others. Women who report rape are among the people he doesn’t quite trust.” http://t.co/f8ruJhbX

Niall Ferguson’s Mistake Makes the Case for Metadata http://t.co/iK0jGhP4

mattyglesias: GOP platform headed the right way on mortgage interest tax deduction: http://t.co/Lbh7zPAb

Closing in on record-low arctic sea ice extent http://t.co/1rArrU4N

pdacosta: Are you a Wall Street consultant? Romney adviser Hubbard: “I don’t believe I have to discuss that with you.” http://t.co/WP7b2QpS

pdacosta: Glenn Hubbard says Bernanke has done a great job as Fed Chairman: @CNBC http://t.co/K4YxpO7X

Shorter Fed: “Members judged monetary accommodation warranted unless a substantial strengthening in economic recovery” http://t.co/YJuVwh9e

“National Review: Forget the Saudi-Arabia platform; women like rich pricks, so Romney should get 100% of their vote” http://t.co/I10zsi6w

“National Review: Obama’s sperm is weak because he has daughters!” http://t.co/I10zsi6w

“Obama, and not the guy whose net worth is greater than the last 8 presidents put together is the real elite” http://t.co/I10zsi6w

Wonkette: Tom Friedman bravely calls for a conservative party to basically do what Obama has done http://t.co/ja2kI9ML

The biggest threat to capitalism | Unsettled Account http://t.co/V32o73dG

Things Are in the Saddle and Ride Mankind! http://t.co/nu6oBXZx

“we needed someone who has a comprehensive history of bigotry and misogyny combined with sneering disregard for facts” http://t.co/mGCqVaYM

RT @TheDailyEdge: Ryan agrees w/Obama “rape is rape” but w/Santorum women impregnated by rapists should make “best of a bad situation” http://t.co/K6WgIqLm

Matt Miller: The rise of the ‘Drawbridge Republicans’ http://t.co/W9Ug7E5d

“Niall Ferguson, once upon a time, was the best… Rothschilds, The World’s Banker, all 1,040 pages… is brilliant” http://t.co/ePXQpxg8

How Paperbacks Transformed the Way Americans Read - Mental Floss http://t.co/OB7fB13u

Invictus: Open Mouth, Insert Foot: Going Viral? http://t.co/2tFWk4PI

“Akin really meant to say ladies just plain lie about being raped so they can get them some public abortion dollars” http://t.co/OVFZnKQQ

Timothy Burke on Niall Ferguson: A Scholar, An Expert, An Intellectual http://t.co/Jw44uleQ

Josh Barro: Todd Akin and the Right’s False Fact Machine http://t.co/Wa5ZRVTl

Dean Baker: David Brooks Doesn’t Have Access to the Medicare Trustees Report http://t.co/39W3xOIj

Facts & other stubborn things: The bar for historians that deal with economic history at Harvard is apparently very low http://t.co/iZrdSJGa

RT @JosieS_: Niall Ferguson defends accusations of dishonesty by proving that he is in fact amazingly stupid: http://t.co/kFfwlKZk

“Ferguson could have argued that the CBO has been wrong…. But he preferred to troll. What a tedious waste” http://t.co/Uz2PAUCl