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Paul Krugman: Golden Ferrets, I Mean Fetters

Microblogging: August 23, 2012

RT @pamspaulding: RT @thinkprogress: Trump prepares for role at GOP convention by spreading dangerous myth that vaccines cause autism

RT @AmandaMarcotte: F#@$ me, people are uneducated. RT @umamijones: So if they don’t make it to the implantation stage, it means the eggs are unfertilized. |

RT @marieharf: How can Ryan say he disagrees with the sequester when he voted for it, praised it, and helped sell it to other Rs?

Wonkette: Maybe This Shot-Up Navy Veteran Lady Will Think Twice Before ‘Startling’ A Sheriff In Her Back Yard Again

RT @grossdm: Coin Harvey, of course, being an awesome fin de siecle figure who wanted to abandon gold standard for silver #attendedhistorygradschool |

RT @dailykos: Ann Romney retroactively rebuts Mitt’s newest excuse for tax return secrecy

RT @oliverdarcy: Send @campusreform a VIDEO of your LIBERAL PROFESSOR & we will pay you $100 if it leads to a news story. |

RT @RafalcaRomney: #BlessObamasHeart He thought Congressional Republicans might have wanted to put America’s interests ahead of the Koch Brothers’ profits. |

RT @sfpelosi: Network convention cuts mean Americans will have seen more of @RafalcaRomney than Romney family? This will not end well. |

RT @jamisonfoser: Kinda hilarious Party that whines Obama wasn’t “vetted” in ’08 is nominating dude who won’t talk about taxes or abortion. |

RT @DemocratMachine: Can’t wait for the Debates when Romney picks the questions he’s willing to answer |

RT @ddayen: Bucking the trend, California passes Election Day voter registration will @JerryBrownGov sign it?

RT @AriBerman: RT @aclupa: Good news! PA Supr. Ct. agreed to expedited schedule for #voterID appeal. Oral arguments week of 9/10 (no specific day yet) | RT @emptywheel: Shorter Romney: It’s my business what you do with your reproductive health, but it’s not your business what I plan to let you do. |

RT @DougHenwood: @_CB01 As a letter-writer said to The Economist years ago, its strength is offering tomorrow’s conventional wisdom today. |

RT @emptywheel: @JoeSudbay And look how that turned out. If people can ask questions, Presidents might evolve or something. |

RT @markos: RNC: It depends on what no abortions ever, under any circumstances, means Funny how they want to change the subject |

RT @BrianCBock: @MittRomney had a dog strapped to the car roof and a ferret in the dishwasher. Sounds like an Erma Bombeck story gone wrong. @LOLGOP |

RT @ddayen: Look on the bright side: unlike the last VP candidate, Romney has no problems taking on tough questions like “what newspapers do you read?” |

Funniest Political Line of the Day RT @owillis: #DontAskMitt why his candidacy is so weak he has to declare certain topics “off limits” to reporters |

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown: “I don’t need Elizabeth Warren talking, or speaking, or commenting on my votes”

RT @Wolfrum: You can’t see Mitt Romney’s tax returns because of his Mormonism. And you aren’t allowed to talk about the fact he’s Mormon. |

Michigan GOP Governor Snyder To Partner With Federal Government To Set Up Insurance Exchange

Eschaton: “Since one can’t have an informed opinion about Ryan without interviewing him, its imprudent to vote for him”

Preview of Joshua Hausman’s Economics Job Market Paper, Courtesy of Miles Kimball: Effective Expansionary Fiscal Pol…

David Weigel: The CBO and the End of Deficit-Mania RT @JeffMuskus: 1 in 3 American kids are on Medicaid. 30 million kids. Read that again.

RT @jbarro: Though there’s a strong case that status quo Medicare works better than our status quo insurance system for under-65s. |

RT @afrakt: 3. Romney did pass a health reform in Massachusetts. So, credit for that. Was it brave? |

RT @afrakt: 1. I thought it was rather brave of Obama and the Democrats to spend so much political capital on health reform. |

RT @TheDailyEdge: Ryan says his view on forcing daughters to bear their father’s child are a “side issue” compared to Mitt Romney’s lack of an economic plan |

RT @radleybalko: Unarmed man killed during pot raid. But Daryl Johnson says if police militarization bothers you, you’re an extremist! |

RT @foxjust: voters smart RT @davidmwessel: WSJ/NBC poll: Voters aren’t confident that either Romney or Obama can fix economy.

RT @ThePlumLineGS: Yup RT @FixAaron Well that should just about do it: Huckabee digs in behind Akin.

RT @crampell: Since the recovery officially began three years ago, median household income for people age 55-64 has fallen almost 10%

RT @TheStalwart: Impeach RT @jonswaine Docs show that as part of his supposed ‘99 retirement package, Romney has a stake in a Bain entity established in ‘02 |

Adam Weinstein: Flowchart: “Can I Get Pregnant?” | Mother Jones

The Technological Level of Westeros

Shorter John Cassidy: “The GOP nominee has to run as a Republican. And that, right there, is the problem”

Shorter Prairie Weather: “As long as the party doesn’t exclude the weirdos, it has to battle an integrity deficit”

Greg Sargent Decodes the Obama Campaign’s Theory of the State of the Electorate

Where Is My Kindle Version of Beckworth, ed., “Boom and Bust Banking”?

Should men bank their sperm at 18?

RT @joneilnyt: @delong Just brilliant; should have been his hed! “The fire engine does not drive slowly to the fire to encourage others to be careful.” |

Streetsblog New York City » Times Poll Confirms: 66 Percent of New Yorkers Like Bike Lanes

Paul Krugman: Ryan told CBO not to analyze his roadmap

Paul Krugman: Francisco d’Anconia on Money

Simon Wren-Lewis: The Root Cause of Europe’s Depression

Facts & other stubborn things: Me and the Jigsaw Puzzle at Project Syndicate (and apparently I’m an economist, too!)

RT @AdamSerwer: When you say your model “correctly predicted” the results of previous elections, most people think “at the time,” not retroactively |

Virginia Burrus: Akin, Rape, and the Early Church

RT @YAppelbaum: We’re “enlightened enough to send an African American to the White House, but not…to accept a black man as…president.”

RT @foxjust: Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new Atlantic article (‘Fear of a Black President’) is the must-read of the day:

“Good god, I thought, seventeenth-century forensic medicine is alive and well in Missouri” |

RT @mattyglesias: Pluots are amazing, and their existence refutes the myth of technological stagnation. |

RT @TheDailyEdge: Romney: “America can achieve energy independence by 2020 and as we retreat from rising oceans we can all huddle in Kansas for the end times” |

RT @mattyglesias: The invention of Broccolini in the 90s is in some ways even more impressive than the pluot:

Alex Pareene: “Niall Ferguson trolls everyone in Newsweek: Getting every single fact wrong in a magazine cover story i”

RT @haroldpollack: @delong thank God NF is not Maroon-American. Signed, everyone at the University of Chicago. |

Nick Rowe: Proper Monetary Policy

“few people associated with Harvard are at this moment beaming with pride over the association with Niall Ferguson”

“The eurozone will almost certainly slip back into recession, according to surveys of business activity”

Jon Cohn: An Effort To Cut Through Romney-Ryan Doublespeak And Explain What They Really Want To Do

Thomas Frank: Obama’s squandered hope

RT @Poynter: Big correction: While Newsweek eliminated its fact-checking department in 1996, Time magazine still has fact-checkers

RT @KagroX: Of the 52 measures Akin has introduced during his [11 yr] career, just 3 have been signed by the president. They all renamed post offices. |

This Year’s Arctic Icecap

RT @brianbeutler: Next RNC convention to be held in giant volcano crater (cc: Bobby Jindal). |