Niallism Watch: Robert Waldmann Wonders Why Niall Ferguson Believes in the Inerrancy of Karl Marx
This Morning It Is David Brin's Turn to Confront Niallism

Microblogging: August 24, 2012

RT @JC_Christian: Todd Akin to join “Connecticut for Lieberman” party |

RT @watertigernyc: We Have No Idea How Vaginas Work #RNCconventionSlogans |

Dean Baker’s take on Niallism: “Ferguson is the gift that just keeps on giving”

RNC Official Furious At New Mexico Gov Disrespecting General Custer, By Meeting Indians

RT @kjhealy: The NYPD accidentally shot a bunch of people while going after Johnson. Relevant for the common “Armed Libertarian Saves the Day” fantasy. |

RT @emptywheel: So first Mitt invited Arpaio and now Mitt’s considering bumping Rubio and yet he aspires to getting 38% of Latino vote? |

FLASH: ST. LOUIS, MO—Rep Senate candidate Todd Akin demands Romney release long-form birth certificate |

RT @emptywheel: Romney: No one has ever held be down and forcibly cut off my long hair. #romneyjokes |

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are public utilities

Niallism Watch: Robert Waldmann Wonders Why Niall Ferguson Believes in the Inerrancy of Karl Marx

RT @thegarance: RT @ryangrim: Romney: Nobody’s ever pulled me over and searched my car for no reason #romneyjokes |

RT @DemocratMachine: RNC rules update: Candidates named Ron Paul cannot be nominated from the floor |

RT @fivethirtyeight: So, for example, the U. Colo. model has Obama’s vote dropping off MORE in Ohio because its economy is relatively good. |

RT @TeaPartyCat: Did you hear the joke about the CEO and the budget wonk who defended their budget plans by saying they “hadn’t run the numbers”? Hilarious! |

“I guess that means that this stuff just comes naturally to Mitt? That’s better?”

David Weigel: Four Laughable Explanations in Search of Mitt Romney’s Birther Joke

RT @jbarro: Mitt Romney was actually born in the Cayman Islands, for tax reasons. |

And Laura D’Andrea Tyson Is Not a Niallist: She Still Believes That the Facts (About Medicare) Matter

Matt O’Brien @ObsoleteDogma Wins the Internet Today with His: “The Age of Niallism: Ferguson and the Post-Fact World”

RT @thinkprogress: Republican Attorney Generals argue the Voting Rights Acts of 1965 is unconstitutional

RT @Racheldoesstuff: It’s really important to remember that guns don’t kill people, people who make laws that allow fucking anybody to buy a gun kill people. |

RT @ObsoleteDogma: You really, really should RT @ezraklein: You should really read @B_Eichengreen’s essay on the gold standard:

Hey! All You Economists for Romney! How Many Agree with Him that Ben Bernanke is not “maintaining the monetary stabi…

RT @jdportes: @delong Will those who signed “Economists for Romney” be even slightly embarrassed by this? Scott Sumner? |

Morning Briefing: Health Insurance Exchanges Planned In 49 States | ThinkProgress

RT @dooglives: @delong It’s clear that the Times editors/fact-checkers don’t exist when it comes to David Brooks |

Romney says Bernanke does not “focus on monetary stability that leads to a strong dollar”; would fire him

David Brooks’s “statement that the [Bowles-Simpson mark did] nothing to address Medicare is absurd”

David Brooks finally says Paul Ryan is a fraud: “Ryan was giving up significant debt progress for a political fantasy”

Obama for America Tumblr

RT @ThePlumLineGS: The Obama/Dem strategy has been all about systematically depriving Romney of ways to talk about himself:

Trying and Failing to Understand Niall Ferguson’s Behavior

Liveblogging World War ii: August 24, 1942

Mitt Romney Says America Is in Trouble Because of People Like Mitt Romney

Peter Orszag: Five myths about Paul Ryan’s budget

RT @peterallenparis: 70 years since start of doomed Nazi attack on Stalingrad yet barely a mention in western media. More than 1m Soviet casualities. #Russia |

No, Twitter! I will not follow Doris Kearns Goodwin! |

RT @JonathanMPaul: @mattyglesias just like if you predict inflation / interest rates to rise every month, you’ll eventually be right. Just ask Niall Ferguson. |

RT @MiekeEoyang: Posthumous baptisms, the Ryan budget, Medicare, who would replace Bernanke, his domestic help, outsourcing #thingsRomneywillnotdiscuss |

RT @daveweigel: Idea time. Increase military spending, increase Medicare funding, cut taxes — then, balance the budget. |