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Liveblogging World Wr II: August 25, 1942

Microblogging: August 25, 2012

The Clear and Present Danger Chronicles: Goldbugs, GOPsters, The Ryan, and Oh Dear FSM Are They Really That Dumb?

RT @DeanBaker13: #MattMiller tells readers the problem is broken U.S. health care system, not Medicare. Reality breaks into the #WAPO

RT @memeorandum: Huckabee rallies Missouri pastors to Akin’s side, attacks GOP establishment (Mike Huckabee / CNN)

Nick Rowe: Supertanker and canoe Phillips Curves, and inflation targeting

Big Picture: A Divided Federal Reserve

Paul Krugman: Inflation Lessons - RT @nickconfessore: Republican FEC commissioners say that under Citizens, corporations may compel employees to campaign for candidates.

RT @David_Shorr: Ya think GOP leaders wish their party would just stick to the Hyde Amendment truce? |

RT @altmandaniel: RT @richardhine: The Economist: Romney has “meaningless policies,” and “is now committed to needlessly extreme or dangerous courses” |

Janet Novack: Romney’s Taxes: It’s The Carried Interest, Stupid

RT @irincarmon: Romney “was cleaning his dog whistle and it just went off.” love you @jsmooth995 #uppers |

RT @richardhine: The Economist: Romney has “meaningless policies,” and “is now committed to needlessly extreme or dangerous courses”

RT @davidfrum: @joshtpm Still, Sparta had a good run, and it was very gay. |

RT @KagroX: I like the strategy of Mitt Romney making jokes about the perceived paucity of document disclosure. |

RT @AmandaMarcotte: Ta-Nehisi Coates: Backlash to Clinton was racialized. It’s true, and anyone who forgets this misses much of what’s going on. |

Harold Pollack: Another hospital stay–and what’s not being discussed in a polarized health policy debate

RT @JillDLawrence: Obama campaign video says America doesn’t need a “birther-in-chief.” Take that, GOP.

RT @jesseberney: I don’t understand why Obama won’t end all this speculation by releasing his birth certificate already. |

Paul Ryan Reaffirms Personal Opposition To Mitt Romney’s IVF-Born Grandchildren

Spinning for Romney: Momma Always Told Me That If You Can’t Say Something Nice Don’t Say Anything at All

The Economist Comes Out Against Mitt Romney

TBogg: Peggy Noonan Is a Democratic Mole!

John Sides: Why Is It So Hard for Charlie Cook to Get the Fundamentals Right?

This Morning It Is David Brin’s Turn to Confront Niallism

“Paul Ryan argued that President Obama’s foreign policy is ‘to subjugate ourselves to the United Nations’”

Mike Konczal: What Could Romney’s Secret Housing Plan Look Like?

RT @TheDailyEdge: It would be good if Paul Ryan could explain to moms and dads why a daughter’s “forcible rape” is really just another “method of conception” |

Good for Glenn Hubbard!

Jonathan Bernstein: Catch of the Day

RT @AmandaMarcotte: So basically, Republicans have basically helped redefine Democrats as the party that’s against rape and overt racism.Well-played. |

Dean Baker’s take on Niallism: “Ferguson is the gift that just keeps on giving”

RT @joshtpm: How do we distinguish @realdonaldtrump from clownish looking guy on street corner w/funny hair ranting abt socialism, conspiracy & turnips? |